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Many simple advices on how to make your washing machine last longer.
A few short weeks ago, I created this article "About Towels, Picking Battles and Simplifying Life," which I hoped would help domestic gods and goddesses everywhere with this dreaded household chore. Today, I am back with another laundry load, The Contents of a Growing Boy’s Pocketsâ...
Fabric softeners are waxy materials that are related to soap. They work by coating your laundry with waxy lubricants and humectant chemicals.
You can get the best results from your laundry washing experience with these tips:
In the corner of the world where I come from, owning a washing machine is a luxury most people cannot afford so it has become an every other day routine as a way of keeping clothes clean.
While our economy is in turmoil, people are looking for ways to stretch their budget. Making your own laundry soap can save your family hundreds of dollars per year.
Tennis balls, old or new, have many uses.Tennis balls can fluff laundry, hide valuables, massage tired muscles, child proof sharp edges and protect wood floors,
Each type of fabric has its own way of washing. Here are tips on washing your woolen blankets.
Make sure that all of your needs are taken care of from clothes to towels and bed linen.
Choosing a new washing machine can turn into a daunting task. There are many different types on the market today with many different features. If you need a washing machine for your family, what type do you buy? Here are some things to consider when you need to choose the best one for...
When it comes to stains on clothes, knowing how to remove them can save you money. Paint in clothes is no exception, this article touches on tips and ideas for removing paint from clothing.
Static cling is an easy foe to conquer with the use of a few easy tricks.
Here are the steps to follow in laundering your clothes.
Tips and ideas on maintaining laundry and keeping it clean the right way.
Cleaning a baseball cap can become a disaster if the wrong process is used.
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