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Any sentence which gives a message becomes a quotation for me. A good quotation is one which impulsively touches ones heart and provokes one's brain the moment we come across it! I think it should have the quality of evoking the consciousness in an individual!
This page gives Tips to Improve your Writing Skills..
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The human digestive system is a complex series of organs and glands that processes food.
How Wikinut could make you a better writer, it takes a long time to become a good writer this will show how wikinut can help
a follow up from the first piece on education starts at home.
This article is about using our tongue in a good way to avoid issues
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According to the McGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs, Strike while the iron is hot, is a proverb meaning, “When you have an opportunity to do something, do it before you lose your chance.” The Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms define Strike while the ...
This article is about writing our own ebook. It is a great experience
In every article writing site you find popular and hot contents. Here are simple ways to make one of your article or articles in the stage light.
This article simply gives you some tips on how to write good summaries, Descriptions
A few month ago, another writer here on Wikinut made the comment, “At least I don't write about 'toilet seats'”. The jab was directed at me because I had just done a DIY article on toilets and toilet seats. It was directed at me because that writer and I have a very adversarial re...
Of the almost 30 different ways I use to generate traffic (customers) to my webpages and blogs, this is one of the simplest and if done correctly, also one of the best ways...
I go to book signings for many reasons. I do not go to collect signed copies of books. Mostly I attend them because I know the author and they are good networking events. Oh, I usually do buy a copy of the author's book to add to my constantly growing library, but I buy a Kindle edit...
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