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All of us have sense organs which help us in fulfilling our daily needs.Other than the 5 sense organs,we have Brain which gives the necessary information and memory to store the information recorded by the senses. What if the same senses play their roles in a different manner ? Lets...
Mind and Brain are concerned, these are entirely different things existing in a person's body for their distinct purposes. Since, all the subsystems of a living organism are interrelated and interdependent, so are mind and brain of a person.
Creation of an ideology of a person is the function of the person's intellect while his/her wisdom leads him/her toward successes at any cost and irrespective of the person's ideology. Therefore, as far as ideology is concerned, intellect and wisdom of most of the persons are at confl...
Some people do not fear their own death, at all. While many people do fear their own. Here are some reasons why people fear death. Hopefully, this article will help some people overcome their fear of death, or at least, help them understand their fears better.
this page talks about the nature of a conflict research paradigm, it is a method of solving conflicts that makes the sufferers to suffer even more
Anonymous fingers are only appropriate fingers to wear WEDDING RINGS.
Déjà vu is one of secrets that science can not explain
Message in a transfer between multiple entities, can lose accuracy, which can later cause conflict between the transferor ii recipient messages. The goal of this workshop is to alert participants to the possibility of erroneous transmission and its consequences.
The goal of this workshop is to teach students the techniques of democratic decision making, and to develop a sense of respect for the opinions of others in order to avoid conflict.
This workshop is designed for students in middle school and its purpose is to build them into a critical attitude towards the media.
This workshop talking about democratic communication and its use for the construction and development of healthy interpersonal relationships between students.
Workshop about addiction to cigarettes and possible ways withdrawal. This workshop is intended for high school students.
Workshop for the teachers or class leaders who's make a use for weaning students from soft drugs.
Some more psychology terminology for the curious or those who want to know mote.
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