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This is a guide to stop aliens from abducting you, raping you and generally being mean to you
Michigan is known as the fifth largest place to have UFO sightings. Many people have viewed orange lights in major places like Detroit, Grand Rapids, to small areas like Monroe Michigan. MIMUFON takes this serious and investigates the sightings and catalogs interviews and pictures fro...
The Michigan Triangle has seen many disappearances, strange happenings, UFO's, and ship wrecks. While the Triangle is not nearly as famous as the Bermuda Triangle it still holds mysteries and secrets that many people like to explore. Perhaps you too are a UFO buff and like to know mor...
Science has developed to a large extent, but still it is not able to find out answers to some of the possible things in life which is really weird
It is thought that aliens have interacted with mankind since the times of Roman kings. They stopped interaction after the World War. Now the UFO sightings have begun at Obama’s inauguration. Is this a sign that they are beginning to interact again?
The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle may not be so mysterious after all. There would appear to be rational explanations for just about every event that has prompted people to create the Triangle myth.
Debunking the Ancient Aliens theory. A new theory on the history of Mankind.
I have long been fascinated by crop circles, their meaning and origin. This piece arose out of some additional exploring .....
In late 1999 an interesting article about UFOs sightings appeared in the “ Daily Mail” signed by Nick Pope, who, with a very engaging idea, entitled his article in such a way: “Britain’s X Files ( and yes the true is in these pages)”.
Two presidents have demanded that the UFO files be released. Both were disappointed.
These are some events that happened in the past that not many have read or know about, these really seem strange today, especially that those events really happened a very long time ago. I could not help but write my ideas of some of the more interesting ones and to know more about UF...
There is a possibility that there are Star People walking amongst us on planet Earth.
Did Ancient Aliens visit earth thousands of years ago and assist us in our development?
In 1947 we had great discoveries, the dead sea scrolls, an ancient group of humans who believe in Aliens from Plied es, Project PaperClip, Admiral Byrd's lost diary, and the Hollow Earth, the Roswell Crash...
A teenager from Pennsylvania in 1983 have supernatural power of rain maker, where ever he is rain is there. That's why he is called as rain man.
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