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Depending on the organisms by which they are caused (called causative organisms), the diseases of animals can be divided into three main classes.
Before it gets too cold you need to get your barns and chicken coops ready for winter. This is something that you can do early in the fall before it gets too cold. Learn some simple tips to prepare your barn before winter.
Cattle, especially cows have cornered a special place in society. When they face problems, it is up to man to solve it. To reproduce, cattle must mate and here we see some aspects of cattle breeding.
Bright-eyes were a glider possum. When she was born she was very tiny, as tiny as the tip of a grow person’s finger. But she knew what she had to do. She had to struggle up through her mother’s under – fur to find her pouch. The way was long and hard for someone so small.
When doing a commercial or television show the producers and directors should know the difference between a rooster and a chicken.
This article is something a bit different for me. I want to tell you about a sheep my wife loves and has raised but who now faces a health problem that has my wife concerned.
When man learns to understand and control his own behavior as well as he is learning to understand and control the behavior of crop plants and domestic animals, he may be justified in believing that he has become civilized - Ayn Rand
Millions of people in Africa and Asia raise animals on pasture and rangelands that have low carrying capacity because of poor quality or unreliable rainfall.
We find animals everywhere around us. This is world of animals. Scientists tell us that man is a higher animal, the monkey being his next junior. They even tell us that man descended from the animal and the animals habits are still strong in man. Animals are dumb companions. There is ...
Learn how sheep give birth as we follow the story of Patsy sheep, a ewe who had twins on March 17, 2013, St Patrick's Day. See pictures of the lambing process.
I have a hobby farm, last week three of our ewes had their lambs, I was going to wait until the fourth ewe had her lambs before sharing the news with you, but she is taking her time so I thought I would share the lambs and their pictures now.
Goat farming can be both profitable and fun when proper managing techniques are used! A Cuddly pet in the shape of a goat may be all you want!
This is a personal experience I had when one of the cows died in a small herd of cattle we had in a pasture near my home. It was incredible to watch the scene unfold and the respect shown the old leader of their herd.
Last week one of our ewes had triplets, only days later another ewe had twins. The new twins look like baby cows.
October has only just started and already things are busy here on our little sheep hobby farm. In less than two weeks we have four more sheep and others on the way. And on top of it all it is snowing!
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