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Canned hunting in other countries as well as right here in the U.S. How endangered species are used as advertising ploys.
Zero poaching and the symposium held in Nepal February 2015. Nepal has zero poaching in the area and this tells how they have done this.
These are some facts about the animal, the grison.
As animals have evolved to secure advantages in the constant battle for species survival, so have other animals and plants evolved to defend themselves and win their own battles. A good example of punch and counterpunch, in evolutionary terms, is that of the giraffe and the acacia.
Compared with other bats, Vampire bats are feeding on blood. This kind of blood sucking bats is less than one percent of bat species. They quite often named after the imaginary Vampire monsters
Dolphins are carnivorous mammals. They are social animals that are highly intelligent. Dolphins live and move about in small groups called pods. Dolphins are very caring animals. The young dolphins live with their mother's for about 8 years.
This article gives you a short history of Whale's, from biblical to medieval Whales, and tells how Whales have hurt and helped mankind, at different times in history.
This page is about the evolution of Whales and how we came to know them as mammal's, rather than fish.
The Iriomote Cat looks and sounds just like your house tabby but be warned, cos this Japanese wild cat comes readily equipped.
An echidna can walk about as fast as a person and leave shuffling claw prints in the dirt. They are most at risk near roads and cars and trucks because they are small and slow-moving, echidnas often kill highways.
The Japanese Macaque is a monkey that is indigenous to the many Islands of Japan, this monkey is not just your regular monkey…
A popular zoo attraction but struggling in the wild. This is just a quick piece on these lovable animals.
The tiger and the lion are lovable cats, but can be ferocious. They have distinct roars as well.
Porcupines are solitary creatures whose defense system is one of the best in the animal kingdom. But is is not without its drawbacks. This article discusses that system in detail and illuminates many other interesting facts about porcupines.
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