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Read about how we in Italy cook pasta in the right way
Spaghetti alla Carbonara is a great italian dish. The dish is very simple to make.The ingredients and instructions are discussed below.
Discover the relevant details concerning the best way to make use of Italian food and wine recipes
Pasta is one of the most popular of all foods, lets take a closer at this very versatile food
This is a short writing which is simply guiding you on how to make Pizza.
Easter has always been an important celebration in Italy. This opulent dish is just one of many, with which the Italians celebrate the end of Lent and the Resurrection of Christ. Have your Lipitor at the ready!
There's nothing better than comfort food wheater its at the end of a long hard day or it's cold outside or whatever the occasion is this dish is sure to please just about anyone.
A vegetarian savoury tart to serve with salad for a light lunch or with your favourite sides for an evening meal.
Are you looking for a different way to use up all the ham leftover from the family feast? Here are two recipes for Carbonara, the one traditional and the other restaurant style; both will sharpen your family’s jaded appetite. Substitute bacon for the leftover ham for an everyday me...
Ham is a favourite choice for family celebrations over the holidays but what do you do with all the leftovers from the festive meal. Here is an adaptation of a classic Italian recipe that can also be used with turkey breast.
A royally rich chocolate fruit cake to celebrate Christmas, Italian style. An ideal last-minute Christmas cake – quick to make, long-lasting and deliciously exotic. Viva la Dolce Vita!
When you look at this recipe and see that it takes three hours to cook, don’t turn the page. This rich broth, or stock, is used for making soups and sauces. You will find that many recipes use broth for fl avoring instead of plain water. The broth will keep in the refrigerator for t...
A very tasty and very easy to make pasta dish. Great for the kids to pitch in and make for the whole family.
The chayote, also known as a chow-chow (and by many other names!) is a member of the gourd family, and makes a simple and tasty vegetarian risotto. Serves 4.
A quick and easy yeast-less recipe for focaccia, the perfect accompaniment to an Italian meal.
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