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My first encounter with a spider web was anything but pleasant, I was seven, or eight years old at the time, I ran right into a huge spider web in a field of sunflowers. The wet, gooey silken strands coated my face and hair, the huge yellow and black spider that had been in it crawlin...
Huntsman spiders can be huge and hugely frightening but there are ways of dealing with them that dont have to end with a rolled up newspaper or a painful bite.
I will answer once and for all the age old question " Are daddy long legs poisonous or not?" And the answer may shock you!
Specialized and equipped predator of western Mexico, the Mexican Red-Kneed Spider is able to survive a solitude life waiting patiently for its next meal…
Macro pictures of a black widow spider found in Texas. Captured using an MP-E 65mm 2.8 lens. I am also using a Canon Mark 5D II camera.
The Redback Spider is a poisonous arachnid from Australia.
I hate spiders, but this one's kinda cute. It is utterly surreal, to see a spider like this one.
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