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Indians have no tradition of keeping pets. This is sad, but perhaps it has something to do with the economy
Although I do not want to encourage anyone to get Bobcats as pets the fact remains that some people want these exotic pets and as such this is to provide them with information on care of such a pet.
Indians do not have a culture of keeping pets, only a few rich people keep pets and that too only dogs.
Ferrets are unique animals that make enjoyable companions.
If you have a pet, such as a cat or a dog, you may become so attached to it that in time you almost feel it's "human". That is, you begin to think it can express the way it feels in terms of human emotions, such as crying, or perhaps even laughing.
Dabney makes a new friend in Lil' Bit, the baby squirrel.
I miss my pet ferret "Trouble." For over 12 years, she was a much-loved pet and it hurt when her health declined to a point that we had to considered euthanasia.
Pigs are very smart, on par with dogs. If you know that you could not handle owning a dog because of time requirements, then a pot bellied pig is probably not the right pet for you. Learn more about selecting and care for a pet Pot Bellied Pig.
Contemplations on whether or not our pets have souls.
When most people think of Exotic Pets the Wallaby isn't one that immediately comes to mind. However as there is a breeder near where I live (in Alberta, Canada) a few people in the area have them as pets. I must admit to having considered building a proper area for them myself.
Many people think they want to own an Exotic Pet, and some get one too soon, without much thought. Know the facts, the pros, and cons, of keeping an Exotic Pet.
Animal lovers, veterinarians, psychologists, and other scientific investigators have long tried to solve the mystery of the “sixth sense” of pets. They have succeeded only to a small degree. There are still great gaps and missing clues to the solution.
My wife worked at an Animal Shelter in Canada for five years. As a result of more animals being brought to the shelter than being adopted they were forced to euthanize some pets. Here is an Interview I did with her about her experiences.
Dwarf hamsters require much more care than regular sized breeds due to their size and personalities.
It is one of the few Zoos in the UK that has African Elephants, and this is an account of my day spent there last week.
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