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Peoples, this presentation or exhibit may seem odd or unusual to you but how it came about is also out of the ordinary for many of you. - Uthrania Seila
A wedding is a wonderful and memorable celebration in the life of each couple. On this day there are many events, all of them are caught and kept for many years by a wedding photographer.
Everyone who has ever loved photography has dreamed of doing it for a living, but the reality is that it’s a crowded field and sometimes one fraught with complicated human interactions.
What can be better than getting a quality pen to add an element of class to the everyday writing chores? The best thing about using a pen to write is that you don’t have to raise your voice in order to make your point or vision clear to the world.
Having done a 365 photography project for well on 2.5 years, I give 6 reasons why they are a great thing to do if you are an amateur photographer looking to take more photographs.
If you are not sure about getting a real tattoo, check out the advantages of airbrush tattooing.
Back ground is very important in photography. A very good photo can be very awkward if the back ground is not properly selected. Similarly, back ground can enhance the appeal of an ordinary photo. There are THREE important methods of getting the right back ground.
How this form of art has helped many to cope with stress
Handicrafts define the creative endeavors undertaken by a country and also represent its art and culture in the best possible manner.
There are a variety of ways that you can potentially enhance your photographs. Digital photography is an art that can be refined with your digital camera, in much the same way as painting with a paint brush. Here are a few tips to take better photographs with your digital camera.
Here is a short account of the life and work of Pietro da Cortona, who was a highly influential artist during the Baroque period of the 17th century.
The dividing line between pornography and art is thin, yet there is a line. Painting a woman in the nude is an expression of love for god.
Working with textures in Photoshop can open many doors into your imagination and can improve and change uninteresting shots dramatically. A photo can go from boring to better with a little creativity.
Step by step directions for creating polymer clay candy canes that look good enough to eat.
Ah, creativity.... what can be said about creativity? A lot. But instead of talking gibberish, let us also talk about channeling. Channeling is very important for a creative person. They need to channel their creativity somewhere. This can cause problems and heartache and har...
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