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A few tips on looking after jewelry items such as delicate metals
The Japanese crown jewels are supposed to have ivine origin and are kept at a safe place. They are not displayed and are the centre piece of Japanese mythology and the divinity of the rulers
Famous for his Fabergé eggs, Peter Carl Fabergé was a Russian jeweller who made his name when he started to make precious metals and gemstones Easter eggs A genuine Fabergé egg can fetch anything up to £20m and that's not bad for an Easter egg
Once called The Eye of Brahma, the story of the Black Orlov Diamond is shrouded in mystery, drama and death.
Getting engaged with your loved one is definitely a very special day in life. You can make this day even more special by gifting a diamond engagement ring to your fiancee. Please read on to discover some interesting tips on this...
Among the many precious metals used in jewelry, silver comes to mind in its many forms. Silver is supreme for its ease of use in jewelry designs despite its propensity to tarnish in the finished piece. Saving your silver from the ravages of oxidation comes easily when you understand ...
An ultrasonic cleaner is a must if you've got just one piece of good jewelry. Got more? Run don't walk to get one to keep your jewelry gleaming. Jewelry worn daily collects oils, flaky skin, lotions, and who knows what. An ultrasonic jewelry cleaner can get your jewelry looking bet...
The expensive jewelry created by the House of Cartier in 1928 and being named after Bhupinder Singh, the ruling Maharaja of the State of Patiala in India. The Patiala Necklace is the most expensive jewelry in the world that sold for $25 Million in 1948.
A white gold ring is beautiful, but if you're wearing it every day, it will need a face lift.
Stones of the earth of South Kalimantan are hidden treasures although they have been famous around the world.
Akik, the magical Gemstone in the javanese people culture
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