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If you have not used your camera for a while, put a film through it, using different exposure settings and using your flash unit. Do this at least a month before your holiday in case repairs are necessary.
Light what makes the photo and if can truly control the light that is falling on the subject, your expression- the intended one- will surely come through.
Team building is a management technique. Use of photographs to foster team building is a new concept. The idea is to generate brotherhood and kinship through the use of pictures.
DSLR cameras are special. Technology has made things possible that were not possible in the years past. Each photographer must adjust to his camera and find out the optimum settings for it.
Choosing the right camera can be tricky. The best way to choose your camera is to really think about what you are going to use it for. How often are you going to use it
There are many reasons to go the extra mile and add some much needed accessories for your digital camera's kit. Something to transport your camera in. Something to help protect your camera from
Whether you are professional photographer or a hobbyist, the DSLR is definitely a camera you want to consider. DSLR or digital single-lens reflex camera, sometimes called a digital SLR is a digital camera.
Some photographs like to follow the rules, and place the horizon line so it's one -third up from the bottom of the image.
To make the best use of available depth -of field, compose the shot so all of the important elements fall on, or close to, the same plane.
A lot of digital cameras these days come with an `e-mail mode' feature that automatically sets the camera to shoot in low resolution.
Digital cameras usually come with little or no on board memory.
There are various factors that come to mind when buying a digital camera.
There are some other software available for free including picasa 2.0, Hello and more that organise and help you share your photos on-line.
Ni- MH batteries are designed for high demands devices, like digital cameras, and do not exhibit the `memory' effects seen with other rechargeable technologies.
Many users suffer from a level of technophobia that prevents them from fixing some basic defects in their picture.
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