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This is a guide for photography newbie and amateur about how to open and view (not involving editing) RAW images taken without paid Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom.
There is some variety in digital cameras. These digital cameras come in various shapes and sizes. As such, picking a new camera can take a while. However, there are a few things that should be taken into account when picking a new camera.
Once you have taken a sizeable number of photographs with your digital camera you may find that you need to save them on something other than your camera's memory card. When you do that you are effectively backing up your digital photos. There's a few ways that you can back up digital...
If you are a sports' photography, then taking action shots will be important. Not all-digital cameras, however, are especially proficient in this department as action shots tend to fast moving. As such there are a few cameras that should be given special consideration for action shoot...
Recently I got a new idea for an art project I'm doing. I need a very light camera. Then I need to buy a remote controlled helicopter and then fasten the camera to it, and get the most lovely and interesting aerial shots.
For years, Marzeus had a video technology brand that he trusted and loved. And let's not forget, respected. It's just something about the brand. Would this brand eventually disapoint him? It appears no brand has no flaws...
Technology has gone on steroids as far as its development is concerned. About a year ago Marzeus finally bought himself an HDV camera for his studio work, because high definition video had come in. But then of course, he needed the software to edit it with.
A brief history of the digital camera photography.
there are some good ways to show your precious memories. besides you can print it directly on the canvas you also can store it in the memory card that can be scanned directly to a computer so you do not need to worry about losing your precious memories.
Given the time I’ve spent looking into this I wanted to share my findings to help any other folk who might be struggling to understand this baffling world!
The QindredCam, imagined here in its model structure, utilizes an exhibit of sensors to chose when to take snaps.
One of my hobbies is photography. This article compares my experience with 35mm film cameras and the instant results of today's DSLRs and camera phones.
Instead of rushing out to buy that dedicated and sometimes expensive digital camera, you might be surprised at how well your tablet’s camera app can meet your picture-taking needs.
Sekonic is the leading name in photography light meters and the L-758 is the flagship. Read this review about the Sekonic L-758 Light Meter.
I would like suggest choosing one film (say Kodacolor 100 or Fuji color 100) and using it for some months until know yourself the results it gives you, and understand what id does and does not do.
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