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The handling of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill reveals a larger problem in society
How an error cost a company $225 million by selling 610,000 shares instead of one.
A look back at the terrible 2014 that Malaysia Airlines went through.
A continuation of a retrospective view of African history. This time, it is based on the Second Sudanese Civil War which began in 1983
Continuing a look back at African history, today's analysis and commentary will be based on the First Sudanese Civil War, which took place from 1955 and ended in 1972.
A commentary and analysis of the Algerian Civil War which took place from December 26, 1991 ā€“ February 8, 2002.
An in-depth analysis and review of the Algerian War of Independence which took place from 1954 to 1962
The first Nobel Peace Prize was given to a world-changing movement in the year 1901, a movement which brought a farewell to arms, was subject to alter the course of history, for the reason being it decided the victor of WWI and WWII beforehand.
From "Step over" crossings to the mighty Tower Bridge the rivers of London are many and so are the bridges and crossings So first let's take a look at the many smaller and underground rivers of London and finally a look at some of the better know historical bridges
Australia was a part of the British Empire and in 1941 was already at war with Germany. However, not until the airstrike at Pearl Harbor did the Americans, and then the British, declare war on Japan. As such, as a part of the Commonwealth Australia joined Britain and America in the Pa...
The Burma Campaign during the Pacific War involved hundreds of thousands of British, Indian, Chinese, American and Japanese soldiers. In 1942, the Japanese invaded Burma to close off the Burma Road, a vital supply line for the Chinese army in their war with Japan. The campaign lasted ...
A brief guide to the history of Carmarthen Castle for the casual visitor. This page outlines the history of Carmarthen Castle from the time of the arrival of the Normans to the present day County Hall.
Bahadur Shah was the last king who ruled Delhi. He was made a titular head of the 1857 mutiny and was exiled to Rangoon where he died in 1862
Swimming the 21 miles of the English Channel is now quite a regular event, with a large number of successful crossings made every year, whether as solo, team or relay attempts. However, this feat was believed by many people to be impossible before Matthew Webb achieved it in 1875.
Macrinus was the first Roman Emperor to come from a non-Senatorial background, but his occupation of the highest office in the Empire was neither long nor distinguished.
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