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A brief history of the SS Normandie Blue Riband ocean liner.
Cunard are one of the most famous ship building companies. Alongside White Star it was one of the foremost UK shipping companies before they merged. Whilst the White Star ships usually eclipsed the scale of Cunard's alternatives, its own were renowned for speed that often eclipsed oth...
The Penlee lifeboat disaster of 19th December 1981 brought home to everyone who sets sail around the coasts of Great Britain just how much we owe to our lifeboat crews. They are all unpaid volunteers whose equipment is paid for entirely by public donations. They give their time, and s...
Whatever your religion is, ask deliverance from hazards always from the highest. It pays, even for menial undertakings, especially for workers engaged in air, land and sea travel- including soldiers.
Let’s say that you have a company, and it is developing, the business is booming, despite the overall economic crisis everywhere across the world. You start selling somewhere else, on several different locations, maybe even in an entire new region. This is when you start to develop ...
After 37 years of eventful, memorable and fruitful service, is a junkyard the best resting place for a useful ship like Russia's M/V Lyubov Orlova? Likely, if it were human, it would choose a more fitting place to rest than be scrapped. Read on.
This article is about Tidbits on Buying & Keeping Boat Trailers
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