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I know what I think of when I think of genuine clairvoyance and prophecy: It think of all senses genuinely being trusted, including the intuitive sense about things. Sure, I seemingly oversimplify things with the first sentence, but, in reality, there are not any simple answers under ...
My experience in predicting future events. With some people, I can tell what is going to happen to them just by looking at them, examples will follow.
The horoscope drawn for the Trump presidency strongly suggests it will be even worse than you think - way worse.
these are overall forecasts for each sign for the month of August...they will be the last ones i add here.
Sometimes disregarded the nodes or poles color our daily experiences. There are predictable tendencies, however that we can become more aware of.
Astrology is precisely a study of stars and planets in conjunction with their actual positions and movements with respect to their effect on the lives of human beings. It would not be wrong to say that astrology is one of the most misapprehended and complex subjects. At present, astro...
Just a quick three-card reading to provide a sort of "psychic weather forecast" for India as of July, 2015.
Horoscope of the week from 8 to 14 June . Discover the surprises that you reserve the stars in love.
The snake symbol is apparently one of the most often occurring dream symbols. I had a dream recently which had some snakes within it. Snakes are associated with evil in the Christian religion. After-all, the original depiction of the devil was as the serpent in the Garden of Eden...
Dreaming is the best way of relaxation as we all get relaxed pretty well here. By dreaming we tend to get motivated,we do get more hopes in life. In dreams, we do get placed in a far better position than we are now. Dreaming is beautiful for all of us
I find it very difficult to take the claims of astrology seriously. On the face of it, the idea that the relative positions of the stars and planets can have the remotest effect on human life seems absurd to me. However, I think it is worthwhile to analyse exactly what I believe Astro...
Is Reincarnation plausible or just a theory? Do we meet the same people each time and why can't we remember?
I never did attend university, but I finally graduated from high school, in my dreams. It may have been much, much more than that.
Moon Phases and the signs it fulls into. Waxing to Full Moon to Waning to New Moon
The positive and negative aspects and ethics of supernatural abilities.
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