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While streaming services may be popular, there’s a push by music lovers everywhere to revert back to physical forms of music.
An examination of the creation of the 'music industry' and who profitted
The judge changed the ruling on the "Blurred Lines" case, but is it fair?
Here's a little "how to" regarding the recording of an album with little money and resources, and how to turn that into a big adventure in your musical career.
Could you imagine a prom of today’s kids while the music of the 80s is being played? How about a blend of hip-hop and pop for an older crowd? Now these are something not age appropriate. With the right DJ service, might as well that you could avoid such blunder.
Music is life. Music makes us appreciate the world more. Its soothing effects on our ears enable us to mask the problems we face daily. From classical, rock, jazz, slow rock or instrumental, all of these are able to reflect the different tastes and personalities of the listener.
This article offers up some home recording advice for the newcomer to 'bedroom production'.
This article looks at the correct way to take on miking electric guitar amps for that 'shredding' sound!
There are people who work behind the scenes who make successful rock bands on tour do their work and make tours go smoothly. People don't usually pay much attention to them although they all deserve to be. It's about time we all come to know about the work they do to better appreciate...
Article about What to Look for in Midi Recording Software
Article about What’s a Good Microphone for Recording Vocals?
Music production production programs- their merits and demerits. A fun read for both amateurs and professionals
When recording vocals at home it's easy to make many mistakes. This article aims to eliminate those mistakes.
A report on my experiences with audio compression in a studio environment.
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