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Now a days, cake baking is in trend and also super fun. It is a Herculean task to bake a perfect cake but the most challenging part is to cover the cake flawlessly and make it look smooth. It’s very important to give your cake a nice finishing so that it looks more delicious and irr...
Having a party or get together? Want to dress up some bread for low cost? I've included 2 flavored butters to give that little extra "oomph" to plain old bread and butter or whatever you want to put it on or in. With them are 2 easy very basic cheeses that don't need aging that are ba...
The pilaf recipe can dress up any entree (as well as getting in a vegetable serving). I've also included 2 easy entrees that daunt most beginning cooks but are actually fairly easy--Dolmeh and Curry.
If you're hosting a garden party a variety of foods can be included. At a garden party you can include both cooked foods, and those that do not require any cooking. Here are a few suggestions for your garden party.
As a Christian I have always believed we need to be familiar with Jewish traditions and rituals as Christ would have taken part of them throughout his life. To allow me to be a little more familiar with is I researched the part I would understand the best--through the food aspects.
Here are 4 more recipes that have their origins in ones found in cookbooks printed prior to 1750. Three out of the four are meatless (Bacon Milk is the exception) so good for those wanting to to have a more healthy diet (the pudding is different than our puddings today as it's not dai...
If one likes cooking, one should have a variety of herbs and spices that should be renewed each season.
These are 3 easy miscellaneous recipes to make Minted Peas, a peasant-style bread, and a dessert. I usually double batch the bread dough so I can use it for both bread and the desserts one night (and it pairs nicely with my beef stew recipe too if you're not a vegetarian and if you ar...
Getting tired of the same turkey salad, turkey soup, turkey casserole, open faced turkey and gravy sandwiches, etc. after Thanksgiving? I’ve got a new recipe for you that’s easy to make, can be re-frozen and heated in the microwave or oven and is a great convenience food (best of ...
The English Christmas lunch is one that has a fairly standard menu. It includes many of the same foods each season. The Christmas lunch is a great roast dinner that can have a variety of alternative vegetables, and variable beverages, but a few foods should always be on the menu.
Salads can be a great part of your diet. Not only are they quick and straightforward to make, requiring little to no actual cooking with ovens or saucepans, they are also very flexible. As such, there are a number of healthier ways that you can spruce up your salads.
The summer is a great time to take a trip to the beach. If you plan on spending the day at the seaside, then you will also likely need to take some food along with you. As such, a beach picnic basket with flasks and plates is recommended for lunch at least. Alternatively, in the eveni...
You might like to make elaborate meals but can't seem to find the time to cook them. There are always answers to most questions. The answer to this issue is casseroles. I will discuss these dishes in this article.
It can be very easy to make a satisfying meal from very little to work with. This is a delicious dish with few ingredients that will please many critiques! (maybe not the children though.) I can't say enough about how tasty this recipe really is. You must try it for yourself!
This soup was created after I had started researching the food and cooking of the Middle Ages. The name comes from the name I went by in the Society For Creative Anachronism--Alix D'Orleans (pronounced "Ahh-leeks"). I created a soup that used ingredients available prior to the 1700's.
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