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This simple paper craft is great for getting into the holiday spirit – and you can almost imagine the snowman rocking and swaying in the winter wind.
Make a paper pinwheel and watch it blow in the wind.
Impress your pals with this friendly-to-scary lion mask.
Make this paper pumpkin craft just in time for Halloween.
These paper roses are easy to make and looks just like the real thing.
This basket allows crafters to hone their weaving skills, and it is great for decoration.
This decorative lantern is a fun and easy project for small children.
If you have a spare toilet paper roll and a sheet of paper, you can create a paper octopus.
A simple and quick Halloween decoration for all ages.
If you're a fan of Japanese weaponry and enjoy paper crafts, you'll love making this paper shuriken.
Much like a paper snowflake, this paper spiderweb is an easy, inexpensive craft your children can make just in time for Halloween.
This is an easy craft for children with minimal materials required.
Store-bought bows are often overpriced. Make your own for a fraction of the cost for your next gift.
Your children can make this fun paper puppet in just five steps.
Impress your friends or restaurant waiter with this dollar bill bow tie.
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