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When it comes to purchasing jewelry, it is understood that females are experts in it. Especially when they are buying rings for themselves, the trip becomes tiring but at the same time it is stimulating.
The pink diamond has become synonymous with high fashion diamond jewelry and celebrity engagement rings. In the 1980s, the public at large never had an inkling that there was such a thing as a pink diamond.
It's really quite amazing the similarities between real men’s diamond rings and men's cubic zirconia rings as the clarity and shine of the CZ is quite similar to that of the diamond.
A heart shaped necklace or earrings make the perfect gift for a special loved one. These necklaces and earrings will glitter and shine and come in a variety of designs to please any women’s appetite.
DO you wear soft lenses? Will you dare yourself to wear various motifs of soft lenses? What about Hello Kitty on your soft lenses? Well, read more here…
Buying a watch online is the craze nowadays. There are several dealers online, who provide watches on special offers which makes you save money on the timepiece of your preference.
Most of us ladies like to look nice don’t we? Except on the odd day that we may be lounging about the house on one of those ‘can’t be bothered days’.
learning how to properly apply perfume is very important to women
To ensure that you are not cheated in buying something that is not genuine. Make sure you do your research and homework before shopping online for gem stones. Here are some simple tips to identify fake gemstones.
Article about wristbands as a fashion trend. How wristbands became popular, what are the most popular and worn, who wears them etc
To add your beauty, you will need accessories such as leather wallets for women. It can make you look more stylish and beautiful.
If you're tired of paying big prices for gem-stone jewelry, you might consider the beautiful alternative of buying your earrings, necklace, or brooch made from from drusy quartz.
Colours of diamonds vary, this article explores all shades. Diamonds come in any colour. Diamonds which are structurally sound and pure are very rare. None are perfect. All diamonds have chemical impurities and crystal patterns which affect colour and value. Detectable yellow reduce...
There are many different cuts available, and they vary with fashion and practicality. In part one of this series of articles I have looked at the importance of clarity when choosing a diamond. The second part of this series looks at cut.
It has been said that ‘Diamonds are Forever’ and ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’. So whether you are accompanying your fiancée to the jeweller, baffled by all the jargon or just want to know more about these valuable gems, I hope this article will assist you.
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