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All too often the the bio for an artist or band is overlooked or the "bio" has nothing to do with the artist but what the writer thinks the CD is all about. Here are a few tips on creating a useful and usable artist bio.
KMEL Engineering found a new function of flying robotic rockband, they play several instrumental songs, the project was presented last year during festival in the United States.
After a few years out of the limelight,Congolese Rhumba musician comes back with a new album that features Kenya's Prezzo.
Are you planning on forming a rock band or something like that? Well I've got some tips for you to be able to build the best rock band.
Every kid dreams of achieving fame, success and lots of money from the the one thing they love, right? Why not turn your passion for music into a bona fide career? This page gives you hints, tips and lots of advice on forming a band in high school.
Every giant in the music industry will remember their first live act.
here is a guide on how to create your own rock band with your friends or people in your region.
Some key points on what you need to form a successful band.
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