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Advaita philosophy was advocated by Sri Sankara in the 8th century AD.
Heraclitus was a holy man who knew about meditation, and taught it to others.
Socrates meditated as a spiritual practice, and in his writings is the proof of his awakening methods.
Vivekananda desired for a modern society where all people would be treated equally. According to him, the Shudras were entitled to be the decision makers of society.
The reasonable grounds on which war could be justified are enumerated by Michael Walzer.
This is a little history of philosophy and some philosophers throughout history.
Thomas Hobbes was an English thinker who lived a long life between 1588 and 1679. He had notoriously authoritarian views, partly a response to the turbulent political times he lived through. His project, to devise a political philosophy that would ensure a stable and safe state, is di...
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