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Competition is the ultimate weakness, creation is the ultimate strength. However, I am not saying that work and bargains are not needed. No, they are creatively wanted. But trying to "outshine" others is not needed, but creative and original productivity is. This, in essence is what t...
Gyges was a man who lusted for the queen and he was blessed by providence and given a ring which made him invisible. he could thus satisfy his desire for the queen and marry her
The French philosopher René Descartes (1596-1650) set himself the task of determining how certainty could be established. How could a person be certain that their knowledge was set upon firm foundations? His method was to doubt everything that could be doubted, with the idea that any...
Do you know the old song by Jerome Kern and Dorothy Fields that begins: “A fine romance with no kisses / A fine romance, my friend, this is”? That sounds like a passable description of Platonic love.
The teachings of Gautam Buddha has inspired hundreds of people throughout centuries, but the reasons why his life inspires me are not religious. I find more in him than just his preachings.
Mahavira and Buddha founded two great religions. Both lived during the same period and borrowed heavily from Hindu thought
Acharya Rajneesh was a brilliant philosopher who interpreted the age old Tantra in a modern way.
When you read the quotesfor those famous historical figures, we come with a conclution that they were blessed men.
Chanakya was a great Indian philosopher whose treatise on government and politics is valid today as it was 2300 years back
David Hume was an empiricist philosopher who believed that knowledge was obtained from experience. This article explores some of the basic foundations for his theory of knowledge.
How Siddhartha the prince of Kapilavastu attains enlightenment
How Siddhartha, the prince of Kapilavastu across the foothills of the Himalayas, became Buddha, the 'awakened one', is an interesting story.
[link=page::36ysd0h_]John Dewey[/link] was one of America's major intellectual figures. Dewey was philosopher, social theorist, educator and public intellectual. His long life (1859 to 1952) allowed him to witness the United States evolution into a major economic and industrial power....
The issue of the postmodern obviously raises the question of what is meant by modernity or modernization and this question is itself difficult to answer as well. What I am interested in doing in this article is to present a number of contemporary philosophers who shed light on these t...
This article gives a short account of the life of Socrates.
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