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A well behaved dog is a joy to have around. Unfortunately, ending up with such a dog means that you have to train it sufficiently to respond to your commands and to still its natural instincts.
German Shepard is SHY type dog. If you are shepard loving poeple, so you need to know about brief description of german shepard puppies.
Dogs and humans share a unique emotional attachment. Though dogs can’t speak human language and human can’t speak a dog’s language, still they both understand each other’s emotion a lot.
Leo was my faithful dog, my best friend for almost twelve years. This is dedicated to his memory
Sports and No Sports of people ,Life in the last ten years,True and cruel! This is the last decade in two kinds of life. Are you the left or the right ?
You have decided to get a pet. You know you want a new puppy. Now it’s time for the bigger decision that needs to be made. What breed of dog will your puppy be? The “breed” decision comes with many considerations.
Are you going to travel oversea with your dogs? Try reading these tips. You may find things that you will need
Remember that famous line “puppy power” by Scrappy-Doo? This winter your pup may need a little help in the power department.
Dog socializing is like teaching a person the proper etiquette on how to meet new people and interact with them. This article explains why it's so important for a well-mannered dog.
Why to choose a cat for your house animal?! Some information about cats.
Depending on the organisms by which they are caused (called causative organisms), the diseases of animals can be divided into three main classes.
Dogs need to be protected in the cold weather. Many people don’t think about what dogs need to get through the winter months.
The Clydesdale is one of three native British breeds of heavy horse, the others being the Suffolk Punch and the Shire. In the days before farm tractors, these horses were the mainstay of British agriculture, being bred to pull ploughs through heavy soil for hour after hour.
Some cats can be so finicky. My Junia did not want to go into the new litter box. We thought .she might mess on the floor but she eventually used the liter box.
What to do when you see a dog that is being beaten by its owner. What to do when you see a dog left outside without shelter. How to get help for a cat that is being abused. Who should you call if you see pet abuse.
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