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Sometimes, we get impatient and wonder "how", "why" and whatever in a gut-wrenching way. Then we get that shot of love from ourselves that keeps us going until things get better or we do not, and it all spirals out of control in a self-dishonest way. The reality of the situation is "o...
Being with God in the inner realm of the mind is so uncomplicated and easy to achieve yet it is this very uncomplicated reason, 90% of all of us, will never find the kingdom.
By writing this post, I would like to tell you that I am also a sufferer of [b] Bipolar Spectrum with Anxiety, Panic, Death Phobia, Lows and Highs[/b] and I know how terrible those feelings are
Whenever sadness of failure and its consequences torture your mind. Say these words: "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work". Thomas A. Edison
It's a funny thing, but I do meditate and develop my inner self, and I want to share some of that with my readers. Not so much to preach, but just to say that "yes, there are things about the mind that we must understand that are more than the usual", and that I do not just explore th...
My view on what a smile is, what it reflects both on you and the one who receives it and it's affect on your life as well as the one receiving it!
My chronicle this morning came from the expression be careful what you wish for. We are in such a hurry now-a-days to acquire and become we skip steps and process and by doing so ... we miss out on something valuable! Grab your coffee and sit with me. This morning my thought is short...
There is an expression that says that you ONLY have one life to live. I disagree. You have one life to live and you live it everyday. You've got a lot to lose when you realize that. What you chose to do today can bite you in the butt tomorrow. Join me as I share my thoughts with yo...
We today live in a world of speed, technology, where everything is accessible. Our parents lived in a black and white time, struggled to get everything and make ends meet yet, family was everything, manners were important, and people knew the meaning of life,courting and romance! Fol...
This morning I am talking about my diagnosis Introvert and how I dealt with it.
People give a damn about too many damn things they shouldn't give a damn about. Grab your coffee and pull up a chair and join me!
Don't you ever have the urge to just act like children .... Childish? Silly? Stupid? Brainless? Why not ... It is amusing, having a good time, light-hearted pleasure. You are a child for such a short period of time, why not let loose once in a while. So you're told you're acting lik...
Life is supposed to be a joyride but sometimes because of life's ups and downs and giant drops we lose faith and then our fear cramps our journey. Grab yourself some coffee and join me on my funny metaphoric roller coaster ride
We all have have dreams and we all daydream. We sometimes spend so much thinking that we lose tract of one very important thing. What? Wait no more. Grab yourself some coffee, a chair and park yourself on the floor. I don't want you to get too too comfortable here.
If you have fallen and feel like giving up because you've fallen too often? Please join me! You're not alone. You'll never be alone.
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