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This is a great appetizer for Thanksgiving dinner. For that matter, it as an appetizer for any meal, and is also a finger food snack when watching your favorite sport!
This recipe can make a cold day better or eaten as a quick meal on a hot day--very versatile! You can add more spice if you'd like but I tend to make it mild to appeal to the most and add a dish of extra chili peppers for those that want it hotter. Best of all--Few dishes to do!
Good on a cold day. The spices, tomatoes, and chicken blend nicely bringing a warmth to the stomach while homemade soup brings warmth to the soul. If you use a cooked chicken (from your local supermarket) it speeds up the preparation time.
Like chicken empanadas but hate the process? An "easy cheat" has been figured out for you so you can make them even on a work night. They are also great re-heated in the microwave for an after school snack. I get a cooked/roasted chicken from my local grocery store to help cut down on...
Chicken and Dumplings goes south of the Border to bring a quick and new version of an old classic. Using pre-shredded cheese and pre-cooked chicken really speeds things up!
I don’t eat much flesh anymore, but this is an old recipe of my mother’s that I recently prepared for some friends; it’s a flexible recipe, and I have made some adaptations. It is a nice cold-winter day activity that ends with a good warm treat for making a light meal or just fo...
This is an easy recipe. It is a different way to prepare chicken.
A fresh twist on fish tacos that will be a hit with the whole family!
This chilli con carne recipe, developed by myself, is one of many variations but there are one or two different ingredients that I feel make it that tad more interesting and flavoursome!!
Enchiladas make a great meal. You can use chicken, pork, beef and cheese for the filling. The Jalapeno give this enchilada recipe a different flare.
Tacos have become a favorite of the American people. They love tacos of many kinds. There are meat, fish and vegetable tacos. Tacos have become almost as popular as apple pie.
This is another great recipe that will win the family over.
These tastes as good as they sound! They are also mouth watering good.
Fajitas braised for hours until they fall apart in your mouth.
This is an easy way to make Chicken Enchilada's. The kids will love it as well.
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