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You have decided to get a pet. You know you want a new puppy. Now it’s time for the bigger decision that needs to be made. What breed of dog will your puppy be? The “breed” decision comes with many considerations.
Dog owners should be aware of the cancer risks to their dogs and take preventative measures early. According to the Morris Animal Foundation, one in two dogs will develop cancer and one in four dogs will die from it. Cancer is currently the No. 1 killer for dogs. These holistic health...
Leo takes us through his winter walk. Read on to find out more.
Are you going to travel oversea with your dogs? Try reading these tips. You may find things that you will need
Remember that famous line “puppy power” by Scrappy-Doo? This winter your pup may need a little help in the power department.
Dog socializing is like teaching a person the proper etiquette on how to meet new people and interact with them. This article explains why it's so important for a well-mannered dog.
Leo our retriever will be 11 years old in August. Recently we noticed a change in him, so we took him to the vet. Read on to find out more.
Dogs need to be protected in the cold weather. Many people don’t think about what dogs need to get through the winter months.
Basic things you need to know before bringing a puppy to your house
Today is the 25th anniversary of New York’s renowned dog costume competition.
My dog Leelee thinks she is human. Leelee, the dachshund, likes to do things that humans do. My dachshund is very funny; she keeps my whole family laughing.
A lot of people have experienced a dog bite. Some serious some not so serious. The dog could even be your dog or a dog of a family member or friend. Here are reasons why a dog might bite. The dog can love you and still bite.
A look at some of the amazing ways that trained dogs help people every day.
Dachshunds are small, lovable dogs. The Dachshunds is a great breed of dog. Dachshunds make great pets.
This story is based on the life of my dog, Lee. Lee is a sweet little dachshund, who is very lovable. Lee had gone through a lot before my family adopted her back in 2011. Her name was Leda when we got her, but she never came to that name. My son called her Lee, and she responded to ...
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