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If you want to make this recipe even faster simply omit Steps #1-3 and instead buy some ready made pie crusts and simple roll out and cut. The baked pasties can be frozen and re-heated in the microwave or you can freeze unbaked pasties on baking sheets until firm, then wrap and store ...
This is a modern version of a type of Seafood Soup that was eaten in the Middle Ages. The original recipe was in "The Ladies Cabinet Opened" printed in England in 1639. I had the pleasure of 'translating' it from the original recipe to one a modern cook could easily follow (using mode...
Use fresh or frozen chops. If using frozen, thaw in refrigerator overnight. Dry chops well, slash each
This is a quick and easy “carbonara” style pasta dish, with bow tie pasta, onions, chopped cooked turkey, and a couple of eggs mixed with basil pesto and lemon zest.
How to make a simple but delicious tuna and pineapple pancake pizza
This is one of my favourite meals to cook at the weekends or when I get a day off through the week. It’s great for leaving alone to cook away with the occasional water adding and practically no dishes to do afterwards.
Glühwein (mulled wine) is a traditional hot German beverage in the winter, especially around Christmas. The literal translation is "glow wine". In this article you will find an easy recipe to make your own "glow wine" this winter!
Sweet home other than Ginger bread house ,made in the of December on Christmas festival in European countries with raw sugar and Ginger
An original dish by the writer from when he was a chef complete with ingredients and instructions
Simple quick chicken recipe with cheese and mashed potatoes.
40 ounces of malt liquor is essential to this recipe. As the alcohol boils out it leaves a delicious earthy flavor from the malt, while not destroying the delicate brat flavor. Weird, yes, but incredible!
Here is my favorite healthy recipe that can be prepared within short span of time. It is yummy and healthy for all age groups.
Will anyone feel lazy, when you can have pizza at home with cooking time of 15 minutes”? Of course not. So, here is yummy pizza.
Very few foods can beat the flavor combination of tomato, mozzarella, basil, and olive oil. Usually presented as a salad, this recipe calls for kebabs.
Summer time - summer food - learn how to prepare a delicious dinner with the sea-food fruits .
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