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Potentiality of the mental strength, energy, intuition and self awareness should be cultivated in such a way that a man may face the tough situation in life. A man can build up his own career without any inconveniences. He may over come a...
You may have heard that the cure to procrastination is action. This is true, but the solution is a bit more complex than that.
A corporate training program is a result based strategy solution devised to increase efficiency of the corporate workforce.
This article is all about procrastination. This is also for people that have a hard time trying to find the best time to do their work.
Each of us needs a balanced peace of mind as an indication of a vibrant yet composed personality. Such a peace makes the person to perform at his/her best, hence desirable at all costs.
Determining your goals to be able to realize your plans in life is like choosing which directions or path you would take to lead you to wherever you want to go, how you would go there and when you would reach your destinations.
It is easy to describe other people. It seems that we know others better than we know ourselves. Describing your own self is a more difficult task than describing others. One of which is that recognizing your strengths and weaknesses.
Instead, striking at the worst possibility with all the directed efforts is the right path of victory. In the same process, it came to surface that successful persons do not find happiness in their achievements, but achievements in their happiness.
If you are about to become a freshman, you'll need to learn how to study effectively in order to have a good score.
Though every human is posed with such curious quests, his/her survival and reproduction instincts keep these repressed in a majority of human-beings. This repression provides a cozy comfort zone to the majority, they fail to break out from.routines of life and be creative.
Attention of brain on a topic in hand requires no or minimum of distractions for which the brain need be trained with a positive and determined attitude of the person.
In this article, I look to describe my personal connection with the word 'resilience.' Specifically, I detail my life's journey so far, discussing what gives me my drive to move forward, and steps I've taken to achieve my dreams.
We are born with an awareness of the right attitude to survive and even to play meaningfully our part as co-creators. Change is the only constant but we all can influence the change to goad humanity towards the right path with the right attitude - time for deep reflection as we seem t...
When we are confident enough, we can achieve great heights in life. Then it is also very important to keep our aim very high so that we could achieve something more than our normal effort. We should never let our confidence down at any testing point of our life
The new year is slowly ticking by. It is time to look at your regular routines and re-establish those that work for you.
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