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Negative energy is not something to live with. Positive energy is something to make a life based on though. This article and its sections came from a thought I had about reality, like Napoleon Hill naming his work "The Law Of Success" instead of "The Laws Of Success". There is indeed ...
You know, the most genuine of experts from ancient times say this uniformly: "A person in a rush never gets anywhere." That is the honest and truthful reality of the situation if you ask me, because expecting things to go right when rushing and not paying attention to them is disaster...
A character study of this Old Testament figure is a challenge for us all.
Reality: Sometimes, actions come upon us so suddenly as needed that we do not have time to think too rationally, let alone make a list. I am going to give advice for those situations in life as well as show how to have attention in any situation that works for it.
This articles explores what it means to be 'mortal' as individuals and that of a society. Although we've come to see some of the consequences of our mortality as detrimental, it's also consists of affects that make us definitively human.
The most powerful thing in life we can do is plant. I do not mean plant vegetables or fruits. I do not even mean love everything totally and in a "Pollyanna" irrational way. What I mean is to take mastery of yourself and understand the "why", then the "how" and then do the "what" to m...
Sometimes, like anyone, I get a hot, temperate head on my shoulders that has to be tempered with patience, understanding and tolerance of all situations. But, I do not let my rage get the best of me inwardly or outwardly, and I use that expression to my advantage also, here is how:
Think: Life is more than something we go through like amoeba beings. To go through it well, we must have consciousness and conscientiousness, bad or good. To get through the bad to the good, we must be patient, create understanding, and cultivate tolerance. I know, some of this sounds...
When life gets hard as it often will, seek harder solutions that work harder to solve the problem, not easier solutions that work easy or too simple, do what wants and needs to be done without procrastinating. That will make sense as I go on with this series of sections.
I was reading about this great Church and the wonderful Rev, Who has helped so many, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania kids. Sometimes when we see today's kids we forget, there are adults who care deeply for them.
The debate about which is more important, intelligence quotient (IQ) or emotional quotient (EQ) was rolling since many years ago and probably will not end because of these two things are very important in our lives, because of the maturity of IQ and EQ will determine our success in fu...
Now and then we need to lower the standards we set for ourselves. It doesn't have to be 100% all the time.
Preserving mental strength is obviously an art and needs practice. Therefore, let’s explore how you can do it.
Potentiality of the mental strength, energy, intuition and self awareness should be cultivated in such a way that a man may face the tough situation in life. A man can build up his own career without any inconveniences. He may over come a...
You may have heard that the cure to procrastination is action. This is true, but the solution is a bit more complex than that.
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