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Getting youngsters included in commonsense ventures at a youthful age can help their improvement and foster their innovative streak ... which is the thing that Kids Imagination Furniture from The Cardboard Guys plans to accomplish. The set involves a cardboard work area and seat which...
This can be a great activity to keep children well entertained during the school holidays as well as making few personal presents.
These are the 3d modeling houses that my first years college students made during the course of Humanities. Their projects were the best works I have seen ever.
Chris Gilmour build world famous cities like Rome, London, Paris by using corrugated card board boxes and glue.
A creator is making beautiful and breathtaking light fixtures with old cycle chains and two wheeler parts.
The Holy Bible says that God created man with clay. But Indian artists create god with clay. The creations of these artists are in great demand during the days of Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Puja, Navaratri, etc.
Model making is very important in Architecture. A 3-D model helps to understand the various aspects of 2-D drawings which is very difficult to a ordinary person.
The Evaluation is the assessment made to rate or evaluates the output or the project’s finish product. In this part, the teacher will state the judgment if the project is worth or not.
Proportion is the presentation of space relation in the design. If two or more object are put together, the space between this object’s established proportions. Good proportion can be done through creating a good spacing or adopting a standard.
Compass, this instrument is used to draw circles as well as arcs or it can also be used as base drawing in projecting lines.
Modeling clay is not only fun for children. It is educational and enhances a child’s imagination and creativity. Bond with your child by helping them make their own masterpieces. Modeling clays are a bit expensive but you can make your own at home. All the things you need can all be...
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