Featured articles in Embroidery

A tablecloth welcomes dinner guests, young and old, with their own monogrammed signatures.
Annie Garcin from France is expert in egg embroidery art, she is the expert in this art than the other people who are making this embroidery art on eggs.
Age old English Embroidery completely dedicated to Church in those days.
When embroidery was restricted to Church at some time, It was further spread to making dresses during Elizabethan era.
A new idea for the management to introduce knitting and its related articles sales,training for girls with other products like coffee ,tea and snacks
With so many RTW’s in department stores and markets, learning how to sew is becoming less popular and demanding. However, learning the basic skills is sewing is still important.
With new socks being so cheap nowadays, hardly anybody feels the necessity of darning socks. But what about the hole in your expensive real sheep-wool socks or the socks Grandma hand-knitted as a Christmas present years ago? They've worn thin at the heels a bit and could be reinforced...
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