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The volcano of Kilimanjaro is losing its snows. The situation is serious for millions of people depending upon the water and rich vegetation on green slopes of Kilimanjaro.
A controlled study of statements by candidates for President of the United States shows that some of them are profoundly ignorant on the subject of climate change, and the most ignorant are all Republican front-runners!
In the 21st century a few notable environmental issues have emerged. These environmental issues have been left open to much debate in the United States regarding their own environment policies, and whether enough is being done. Here are a few of the foremost environment issues.
Renewable energy are sustainable sources of energy. Unlike fossil fuels such as coal, oil or gas, renewable energy cannot really be depleted. As such, research into renewable energy sources continues.
This is an article reflecting upon the damage we humans have done to our precious planet. We all need to do our part and go green.
There are a few different ways to recycle. This can depend on the material, with some materials requiring more specific recycling options than others. However, everyone can do a little bit of recycling and here are a few ways to recycle.
Coastlines are subject to coastal erosion. Coastal erosion is when the coastlines are eroded by the sea and its waves. As a result, cliffs gradually collapse into the sea and coastal landscapes are reduced. As such, a number of coastal erosion issues surrounding the impact of coastal ...
All of those who live In continuously cold climates , or if they experience cold during winter, think nothing of bringing out the fleece and not realize how fleece ruins the environment.
The greenhouse effect is one of the foremost environmental issues today. However, the greenhouse effect is not actually anything new. Scientists in the 19th century, such as Fourier, Tyndall, and Arrhenius were among the first to discover and report the greenhouse effect. This was som...
It seems that an inevitable consequence of climate change will be a rise in sea level that will have disastrous consequences for low-lying regions across the world. The questions that arise are – how high and when?
Global warming sceptics have long relied on the “pause” in rising world temperatures to bolster their claim that it is all a myth. However, recent evidence suggests that the pause may well be over, and that it may never even have existed in the first place.
Tells statistics and information about recycling and why some of these metals are bad for the environment.
A study conducted by Old Dominion University and the University of Colorado Boulder reveals that sea levels in the tropical Pacific Ocean are set to continue ascending due to human activity.
The changes of climate with further cooling of the earth, the inorganic molecules combined with one another to form simple organic compounds.
Ecosystem is a community of plants and animals, together with their immediate environment, including the inanimate part of that environment.
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