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We all love winning, but do we love just as much honestly working for it?
When I think about the different forms of "The Tree Of Life", here is what I most think of: I do not think of an actual tree, I think of the different levels of reality we are all at in existence. That, to me is the tree of life. Here is that somewhat complicated story from my point o...
Success takes application, not too much dreaming. Oh, yes, dreaming and scheming comes up with the idea, but, application is the thing that does everything. Don't let the three steps fool you, any successful idea has them, by the way.
Well, this page will be a little different from me. I am going to lay down the bare-bones truth of every matter in my reality here. Nothing else will work for this article anyhow. So, here goes.
We can all control ourselves if we are willing to put in the genuine being efforts to do it. It may take a little time and patience, but it can be done.
Life is as good as we make it, and when we touch others with our skills and talents, we make it better. So, why hold back? This existence is an individual chance to shine and win from what I can tell and as unique as each snowflake pattern or light particle on a computer screen. That ...
This is for those who do not spend the majority their days feeling fulfilled at work… I’ve been there, and I may be there again someday, so this is a minder as well as a reminder.
Personal autonomy is the long cherished dream of the teenagers if they are allowed freedom by their parents to do whatever they like according to their desire. But no such freedom is not given to them as they have not developed maturity to...
Being on your own needs courage of conviction and living with that. Moreover, it must be realized that nobody in the world is anxious about you more than you yourself or at the most your near and dear ones, up to varied extents
a great majority of people knows caring for others views but a very few know caring for view of the self. It appears we all for most of our lifetimes, remain busy in fashion parades for pleasing others.
In our world of conformists, only a majority view counts. Here, the basic question arises how a majority, without any experience in loneliness, is given a right to publicise its opinion on loneliness. It is just because they form the majority. Nevertheless, the majority view on loneli...
The dictionary defines personal success as one person’s belief of what will make them successful. This definition could refer to being successful in business, your personal life or across the board. Success means something that is individual to a person and can only be identified b...
This post deals why comparison is not productive and why many compare their lives with others and get complex.
It is as simple as priorities, it is as complicated as priorities. What we genuinely and succinctly set as our reality is what we get. It is said that to win, we must genuinely begin and go on from there with perseverance and persistence. Although it is not as "simple" as "set a goal ...
While the way employees are recruited, selection criteria for individual positions and the role of HR in the hiring process has all changed over the years, the majority of employers still continue to use common practices to select their number one candidate.
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