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What makes your bedroom the room it is? Yes, it is the bed itself! So, getting a good and attractive bed for your bedroom can change the very look and ambience of it. Choose your bed as per your requirement. factors. We have listed down various types of beds based on the above factors...
A considerable amount of oak furniture has survived from the reign of Queen Elizabeth I (1558-1603), partly because of the material in question and partly because much of it was made for the great houses built by men who achieved fame and fortune in that era. Where the houses have sur...
The English word 'cot' usually refers to a bed with high sides for a baby or a very young child (so as to ensure that the frail occupant doesn't fall off and injure itself).
Antique restoration can be a tough decision as well as a costly endeavor.
There is no doubt of the fact that it is always fun to organize the parties, but at the same time, they can make you confused as well.
Furniture is important to every room in a home to make them both functional and eye-catching. With only these factors, one can easily get the right furniture for their home office.
Bunk beds are the right way to save place after you have 2 young kids sleeping within the same bedroom.
The strength, benefits of teak wood and the beauty of the furniture and how to rake care of teak furniture.
Modern Office furniture is the only solution to your business problems. But it can be risky as well. As long as you know what you are catering for, you are not going any problem. A little spice up will make your customers return again and again.
There is a wide variety of computer furniture available in the market; you have the option to choose from computer carts, computer work stations, desks and tables!
The expertise knowledge of the ancient Romans in the use of stones and marbles was an added advantage to the Roman furniture industry.
The major part of the ancient Greek furniture is known from paintings and sculpture works. Designs on terra-cotta, bronze, tombstones and paintings that survived the years are indications of early production and use of furniture by the ancient Greeks.
A simple guide to turn tree stumps into beautiful home and office furniture.
Lacquer is a fast-drying liquid, chemical substance applied primarily to surfaces of objects to provide a protective, stiffening and beautiful coating.
One of my favorite things to do is look and shop for old antiques, here are a few of my favorites shops where I live.
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