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Life and all of its work is like a flight plan that needs constant course corrections all the time, especially when you seem to etch all your plans in the "stone of reality". Think about it, though, plans are really just guides, not something to be perfectly followed all of the time. ...
Planning is an essential component of preparing the life to a desired level. If we determine that we have to achieve our definite aim in life , we have to prepare our life from the early days . Sporadic planning from the latter d...
We waste time looking for documents, worrying so much that we might lost it already, or rewriting what we already have somewhere... I think you do not need a perfect or a large filing system...just less files!
It seems like in 2015 that it is no longer shameful to read books that are not meant for your age. That is because if the e-reader where the person can read it privately. Coloring is becoming acceptable as there are coloring books aimed at adults
"Being resourceful is all about clever and creative use of the resources available".
Motivation is an elusive commodity, but essential for completion of a given task. motivation is the key to success.
Decision making is a conscious process involving individual and social phenonmena. From a practical perspective,
How about seeing the perspective of work in an organized way, which we normally ignore in our hectic schedules. But let me tell you, you got to read this and discover a new aspect of working.
Success in life has a lot to do with how we use the limited time available to us. And mastering the technique of time management is what this article will help you achieve and practice everyday of your life.
'Bugging out' means to flee danger. And when you need to bug out, you need a means to do so, and a place to go.
Effective decisions, to be really effective, must be based on a certain number of criteria. These are listed here for you in part one of this article. In the second part, we examine the necessity in good decision making of our always seeing how their results will be seen from within...
A Bug Out Bag is the last line of defense in the survivalist's preparations. How to make a practical one, and what to put in it.
We have a lot of things we do and we sometimes say that both of our hands and feet are tied emphasizing how busy we are. Why is this happening? Why do we cram? Do we really need help? A checklist might give us a hand.
What to do, what to plan for, what to buy and stock and prepare, to increase your chances of survival in a disaster.
A look at how survivalists are made, not born; and an overview of the basics of survivalism
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