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Hi. We are people trying to make web development and programming easy for you. We here at work hard to put up some interesting and rather useful tutorials for you. We are a team of two students currently perusing bachelor’s course and are busy writing tutorials for ...
We are all familiar with blogs. We share our valuable experiences in blog. Today we will know, how to create our own blog. We will use php and mysql to create the blog. I am assuming you have php and mysql installed in your local computer. If it is not the case, please refer to insta...
Making Dropdown Menu and opening other file on one main page (early page).
A relatively brief analysis of when and why a PHP Framework is a good decision when considering website development.
Content items in Joomla! are displayed in content area, such as main component area. Usually you cannot show an article in a module's position. For example, you want to show an article in Left module position. Joomla! core doesn't allow you to do so. However, with an extension you can...
This is a recipe for adding template changer in Joomla! 1.5 based sites. This recipe shows how you can add a drop down list for changing templates from Joomla! based site's front end,
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