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Quick and simple tips for the novice art collector.
Butterfly tattoo designs are a very popular tattoo symbol for women. Butterfly tattoos can also symbolize a variety of different meanings, such as freedom. Learn about butterfly tattoos, meanings, and get ideas for your butterfly tattoo design.
Chechi's agenda for the summer break-send Toni to a formal art class to hone his skills. Good luck Toni, hope to see you going places!
During the holidays, one can do what he likes. One has enough time for entertainment or for learning something new.
The essence of a piece of art, music or dance is its message. But how is this created? And how can we teach young artists to develop artistry?
A How-To on writing critiques for professionals when they ask for one.
This is one of my diaries on everyday life. I hope you can relate with me.
There are many types of cards you can choose from . Design the ones that you need or that sound the most interesting to you.
Pinpin co is doing face art, she is using .38 mm gel black ink for writing art on strangers face, it took her more than 5 hours to decorate the face with art, but the sad thing is the same art can be washed out in seconds with water.
Franco Clun is an Italian artist, he is making marvelous realistic portraits mistakenly they may be photographs. He is self taught drawing master and only he gained the knowledge with some drawing manuals and experience.
Andrew Gorkovenko based from Moscow is advertising designer is making beautiful ladscape illustrations with Tea
Karen Eland is famous for paintings with different bases like coffee, tea , lager, alcohol. Now her paintings with beer are amazing.
Two artists Frederic Baron and Claire Kito built a 40 square meters monument for lovers using 612 tiles at Abesses Garden, Montmartre in Paris, France.
A young lady named Honey from Philippines is making beautiful portraits on Banana's with pin or sharp instrument.
Zhang Lianzhi a porcelain collector from Tianjin of China spent 4 years to decorate old house with hundreds of millions of ancient porcelain fragments
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