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Anna Sophia Matveeva from Makiivka of Ukraine is making beautiful portraits of different people with thousand pieces of chewed gum
A drawing teacher and instructor in Kerala, India started to make paintings by tongue instead of using brushes. He made several paints of great people like Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore and Jawarlal Nehru
A 22 years old Italinan master Diego Fazo drawing realistic photos with pencil, we cannot recognize that it is drawn with pencil
A Taiwan artist Chen Forng-shean practiced art work of drawing on small particals like rice grain, he practiced this art since child hood days
Mr S Devarajan is a silent person. Though he looks very simple, he is a versatile artist who can draw portraits, amuse you with his mimicry, and write with both hands.
Art in America began a long time ago by different artists. Below is thehistory of artty in this country by looking at the various eras of art in America. Art traces from way back in the 17th century up to the 20th century
Art is a form of language of its own because of the terms it uses to express various meanings. Art has jargon words which cannot be understood by everybody. Sometimes different terminologies in art may have different meanings, therefore, explaining their meaning is important.
This article is about 10 interesting facts about simple tattoo designs
Telling the reader what would be great sayings/quotes for their custom made wood signs. It can be funny, interesting, crazy
This article talks about the decoration of home with banksy art.
A short review of a captivating piece relating an intense concoction of vivid city lights and their fierce clash with impending nature.
Artistic interpretation of a fascinating painting depicting hardship, innocence and destitution using an innovative array of colour and blend.
Amrita Shergill was an Indian painter whose paintings adorn the National Gallery of Modern art at Delhi.
This article is about encouraging the real talents and talented persons in various sort
Art is a wonderful thing to enjoy - but even more so, if you get a chance to really understand the artist. This article shares both the artist and some of her work.
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