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What can be better than getting a quality pen to add an element of class to the everyday writing chores? The best thing about using a pen to write is that you don’t have to raise your voice in order to make your point or vision clear to the world.
If you are not sure about getting a real tattoo, check out the advantages of airbrush tattooing.
Here is a short account of the life and work of Pietro da Cortona, who was a highly influential artist during the Baroque period of the 17th century.
Ah, creativity.... what can be said about creativity? A lot. But instead of talking gibberish, let us also talk about channeling. Channeling is very important for a creative person. They need to channel their creativity somewhere. This can cause problems and heartache and har...
John Crome is an interesting figure in the history of English landscape painting, filling the gap between the towering figures of Gainsborough in the mid-18th century and Turner and Constable at the turn and the first few decades of the 19th century.
Obliques lines appear to be unstable, rather then like horizontal or vertical ones knocked out of time.
Pablo Picasso was not only a great artist, but also a great lover.This was perhaps the secret of his genius as he loved women much younger than him. Maybe he proved the Tantra sex theory correct.
Tribute to that true painter who never got any media attention
Crowdfunding is becoming a powerful tool for fundraising projects, but it is hardly the answer for everything. Here is a brief explanation.
Rukmini varma is a famous painter who has specialized in painting nudes from Hindu Mythology
The artist, when his or her efforts work, shows us who we are. Polish satirical artist Pawel Kucynski's art accomplishes that task in ways that shake us to the core.
Corey Miller is an amazing tattoo artist. I have written about him, & some tips if you are thinking of getting a tattoo!!!
Bangkok is famous for the huge safari world it has. The article speaks about the brilliant painting that is done by the elephants in the Safariworld.
Pen in hand or paints out and easel up you may well come accross Joshua if you ar visiting Oxford. Stop and talk to the friendly local artist who will gladly do a carricature of you. Don't delay because he will eventually be snapped up by a gallery. Joshua Squashua as he is fondly kno...
Banksy is the most famous street artist today, and for now he is in New York. But he is by no means the first graffitist working here. A very brief review of the history in the Big Apple.
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