Featured articles in Scrapbooking

hen you are new to scrapbooking it is important that you learn the terms of the craft. It is good to know these so you can visit any craft store and request the necessary items you will need to start your new project. You will also be able to find your way around the craft store and p...
How to preserve your scrapbook and materials. What type of materials to use in scrapbooking so they will last longer.
Need to make a present to a friend or a relative, but you can´t afford to spend much? This idea of a present may help.
Help your child to make personalized gifts for their grandparents this Christmas.
Buttons are not just for clothes, we can use collect them too.
Learning the alphabet is what every kindergartener aspires to do. A fun and personal activity to do with your child that will reinforce their alphabet knowledge while preserving their memories is to create an ABC scrapbook.
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