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The Germans were good at innovation and one of them was a weapon system by combining two aircraft. Called the Mistel and Wati, it was a revolutionary weapon system but it came too late and did not affect the war.
Well I had high hopes, big dreams and lots of excitement for my remote controlled helicopter. I was going to use it as a drone to carry my video camera up into the air and take lovely aerial photography shots with it. Kind of an affordable version of those flying things they build f...
Well, I bought myself a helicopter to do aerial photography with. But, before I attach my brand new light HD camera to it, I'll have to learn to fly this remote controlled contraption first.
Laurent Aigon from Aquitane, France built a fully functional Boeing 737 cockpit in his child’s bedroom by using Google as his primary source for knowledge and parts.
This Suborbital spaceship would take passengers up to space and get a glimpse of the edge of our planet and the blackness of the outer space while experiencing several minutes of weightlessness and back to the earth. It's not a full trip around the earth.
The Drone is a Force Multiplier and is a US preserve, but soon other nations will have it and that will trigger a new dimension to war
Dr Tank was a scientist from hitler's era and helped launch indian military aviation
China is advancing in space exploration and the USA is alarmed
Hubble telescope was launched by America. It is in the space and through mirrors in it we view different things
Inflating tires with nitrogen will eliminate oxidation and can extend tire life by up to 25%.
An insight to NASA's International Space Station. The largest man made object in space that is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year.
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