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Mani was a prophet who lived during the 3rd century BC. He founded a new religion which however did not survive him. Mani was born in Persia and travelled to India where was influenced by Buddhism. Mani wished to combine the teachings of Christianity and Buddha. He was persecuted by t...
The ancient Indian sages and seers, who were the great philosophers in the past converted their forest home into Gurukula schools in order to preserve the first results of their life long meditation.
The Sanskrit word Dharma is not religion, Religion and Dharma are two entirely different ideas, the former being narrow in its connotation when compared with the latter.
Our ideas of life and death, life after death, good aims of the society, truth, beauty and goodness etc., are the values. All these things human life dynamic, successful and purposive.
John Dewey was a social philosopher who had a major influence on social thought in the United States in the first half of the 20th century. One of his concerns was the social consequences that followed from the loss of community and meaning that he felt was side effect of the new tech...
When we study philosophy, we are able to explore our views critically and use them as tools to defend our beliefs.
Zen Buddhism is an integral part of Japanese culture and social life even today, in spite of the fact that modern day Japanese people are not very religious. It is an example of how religious philosophies are not always about dogmas, rituals and fanaticism, and how instead, they can a...
A look at Physiology and Psychology, its beginnings and the way we think today
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