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I know what I think of when I think of genuine clairvoyance and prophecy: It think of all senses genuinely being trusted, including the intuitive sense about things. Sure, I seemingly oversimplify things with the first sentence, but, in reality, there are not any simple answers under ...
My experience in predicting future events. With some people, I can tell what is going to happen to them just by looking at them, examples will follow.
At some level, many of us want to have it be as simple as signing on a dotted line with God themselves and having a great future written out in stone for us deeply etched in reality by God. Well, it is not that easy of course, and the closest we came to that was The Ten Commandments o...
I will explore a very unique take on fortune telling in this series of sections.
Earl Nightingale said that we become what we think about. Okay, that does sound plausible even at shallow levels of reality. But what about the deeper meaning of life as a whole. In anything we get deeper on or succeed at, we must have courage to think the right thoughts and take the ...
It is all good, because everyone wants to ultimately benefit themselves, even the worst of us. That is why nothing will truly destroy itself. It will all just cough up, spit and go on "trucking" and moving on through the march of history.
Dreaming is the best way of relaxation as we all get relaxed pretty well here. By dreaming we tend to get motivated,we do get more hopes in life. In dreams, we do get placed in a far better position than we are now. Dreaming is beautiful for all of us
This article is pretty much about the life that happens spiritually as well as what we receive between the ears in our brain from the spirit, in that order. However, when we are serious about our end results, all things come into play spiritually and physically to create those ends.
Is Reincarnation plausible or just a theory? Do we meet the same people each time and why can't we remember?
Where can you find out about your past lives and is it safe? The Akashic Records is a library that records all your soul history, which you can ask permission to read.
Is Fate another word for coincidence? Whether we realize it or not, Fate plays a part in all our lives, but not of all us will understand our destiny.
This is my take on what each of the planets I write about has to offer....maybe so maybe no...but why not for we all travel there at sometime or another!!!! enjoy
"If you do what you have been doing, you will get what you have been getting. If you like your results, fine. If you do not like your results, change your actions." This may be a very old quote, but it is in the vein of what this series of articles on prophecy and divination are reall...
The positive and negative aspects and ethics of supernatural abilities.
We dream of things, events and people. We may not have the control over what we want to dream about. But dreams certainly lets us realize that there are certain events that we like to hold on to.
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