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Jello Shots Recipes are also called Gelatin shots, Jell-O, vodka jelly, seaweed gelatin and jelly shot in different countries but this recipe is mostly served in United States, U.K, Canada and Australia
Learn and try some simple mocktail recipes in Si Mocktail - enjoy and serve it only five minutes or less
Soak tamarind in about one cup water for three hours. Rub it with fingers, then add the remaining water and strain. Add ground ginger, mint leaves, green chilli, ground spices, black salt, table salt and sugar.
A brief commentary on why Di Canio is not the saviour of Sunderland football club
Jason Barder a Farmer living in Dorset , England makes milk Vodka in the name of “Black Cow by taking three years to achieve to make worlds first milk Vodka.
Do you know how to make raw mango juice in your home? Raw mango juice is one of the tasty juice and very easy to make in home. It‘s recipe also very simple one.
Do you know how to make orange juice in your home? Orange juice is very easy to make with simple steps.
Grape juice punch is one of the best and tasty juices which can be very easily made in your home with simple steps. This article deals with the grape juice recipe and procedure for making it.
a list of non alcoholic alternatives and mocktail recipes
Banana milk shake is a cool drink which good to our health. This article is about the banana milk shakes recipe.
Avocado milk shake is one of the best shake which contains more proteins. It is has a medicinal value. Most of the doctors are prefer Avocado milk shakes for cancer patients.
Chocolate milk shake is one of the best milk shake. This article is about how to make chocolate milk shake in home.
We all heard about watermelon shake and orange milk shake. This article contains recipes of watermelon shake and orange shake.
An excellent pomegranate and guava juice that reduce cholesterol level in blood.
The drink is very nutritious for regaining energy during the month of fasting for Muslims, the holy month of Ramadan.
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