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We have different conspiracy theories, mythologies and even religions, which all tell us that some point in the past there was giants living in the world. Some of these stories are just hints, turning these giants into fictional characters like fallen angels or legendary gods. Yet one...
The small country of Ireland, is a place steeped in mystery and mythology. And one such hero to emerge from Irish ancient tales is Cuchulain. Cuchulain is now known as a brave ancient hero from Ireland, read on to find out more.
Short people (Orang Pendek) is the most common name who reported living in the forests of Sumatra island. This animal has been seen and documented for over 100 years by the forest dwellers, villagers, the Dutch colonists, scientists, and rover West.
There are many strange and weird things in the world including stories of paranormal creatures. Stories and legends surrounding paranormal creatures have been circulating the globe for many, many years dating back centuries. These legends fascinate many people even now. They have beco...
this a page about bigfoot and what found out about him
The deep and dark, murky waters of loch ness have now been scanned again and again, and still, no sign of Nessie, because he, or she, does not exist. However, the very fact that he, or she, cannot be seen, makes it even more mysterious.
We need only close our eyes and imagine this large giant ape, that walks straight, like a man, and moves around so fast that in seconds, is not visible.
Is BigFoot real or is fake? Is BigFoot a giant ape or some experiment gone horribly wrong?
One of the industrial cities of Russia near West Siberia, Kemerovo, has recently claimed that the Yeti dwells here. In fact, they believe that there are several numbers of the species present there!
In recent times, strange animal corpses have appeared all over the globe, throwing a new spotlight onto the hitherto niche area of science known as cryptozoology. But is this new wave of legends just mis-identification of animals we've already discovered? * WARNING: some of the pictur...
demon presents in every part of the world culture. As a proof, some of them were mummyfied. is those mummy real?
There are plenty of interesting and fun facts about the Loch Ness monster, including its origins, first sightings and a few good hoaxes. Whatever be the truth or rumor, facts about the Nessie still amaze us.
The Irish Banshee is one of the most feared of all fairies. When her keen cuts through the night all know that someone is going to die. The Banshee herself is not the cause of the death just the herald, never the less people still blamed her.
Have you come up with a perfect plan to insure that the monsters would not get you? This is the plan developed at 6-yrs-old to escape from Godzilla. Although slightly modified as I aged, the plan is basically the same. There are more monsters that have inspired others to create cont...
Cryptozoology. The study of monsters, such as Big Foot, Loc Ness Monster, The Jersey Devil and Chupacabra.
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