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Precision and accuracy is the key to proper pipetting, especially when you perform it while sitting on the bench. Without precise and accurate pipetting, you cannot determine absolute stock solutions that lead to improper assays, destroying all your efforts that you put into the overa...
Do you want to get to be vegetarian someday but are afraid to buy the food and not like it? There are new start up companies that are working every day trying to make plant foods tat are like meat but formed of plants
A young 15 year old is able to up date the 60 year old diagnostic tool used to diagnose ovarian, lung and pancreatic cancer.
A new technique for radiotherapy said by researchers to be better that the one used , IMRT.
A little CO2 won't hurt you. A lot of CO2 won't hurt you. You breathe out 40,000 ppm with every breath, emitting more CO2 than a coal plant. Do you worry about government regulations banning YOU from breathing out?
Phlogiston does not exist and never did. However, during much of the 17th and 18th centuries many scientists and philosophers believed that it did, and that it solved the age-old problem of explaining what happened when things burned.
You've been poured a glass of wine with dinner. Lifting the wine glass to your lips, you are admonished to let the wine breathe while you wonder why wine needs to inhale or exhale like a living thing.
The very importance twelve principles of green chemistry
The major cause of environment pollution is the release to toxic chemicals which are formed as a result of the reactions carried at various levels.
We are sure our scientists particularly our chemists will be successful in developing new techniques as well as chemicals to minimise pollution.
The threat pesticides pose to human health is particularly potent in the underdeveloped countries, where most serious exposure occurs. Indeed, pesticide poisoning is disconcertingly common in these countries, representing a major occupational hazard for farmers and their families.
The odoriferous substances which are found the flowers seeds, bark, grains, roots, resins and leaves of cultivated or wild plants are called essential oils.
Nick's Chemistry. A window to a whole dynamic world called chemistry. In this blog, you will probably find things that you thought didn't exist. Well, here I shall reveal it.
Man is a curious rational animal and his curiosity led him to discoveries and inventions, including--why, dear Lord?--splitting the atom!
This page contain all the answers to the questions from the short lesson on how to balance chemical equations
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