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It is a funny thing about intuition and being psychic. When you try too hard to be it, it never happens. When you are easygoing and understandingly patient about it happening it does. My case is the latter case: I did not expect it at all, and I approached it in a "strangely" easygoin...
Everything in reality comes down to movement and vibration, including thought and gross physical realities. When I think of influencing things like dice and basic mental control, these are also based on manipulating vibrations, especially thought in relation to physical reality.
India is a land of mystery and so many things exist that have no valid explanation. One of these is ESP and how to ignite it. Swami Shraddanand was such a guide who could help a man achieve teh impossible.
This is the last article in my psychic ability collection. This is the story behind how I found out that I have prophetic dreams.
This is another of my psychic stories, this story showed me that I could read auras though I never really saw them.
Here is another story of my psychic ability. I hope you will enjoy it.
Before my feelings about death really got strong, and long before my university days, I dating a man that was psychic himself. At least that is what he told me. I never did have anything to go on and I just thought that he was making up stories. John told me that, "he sensed things." ...
I started getting feelings about death in my 20s. It started when I had a feeling that my grandmother was about to die.
I wrote about my previous feelings and now I will continue with them. The articles I am currently writing around to demonstrate my somewhat limited psychic ability.
Water is the sustaining force, as important to us as the air we breathe. Two thirds of our body is made up of water. We require water for cell nutrition, cell absorption, digestion and excretion. Water is also responsible for the regulati...
No one never knows when they will pass away however, sometimes people do get feelings that help them to avoid a premature death.
I am now going to publish my psychic starting here on Wikinut starting from the feelings I got as a child.
Science has shown us how two particles can somehow interact on different sides of the universe without a signal passing between them. When one particle which was once linked to another can affect its distant partner instantly, than this could be called telepathy. If you take quantum e...
This page is about realistic clairvoyant use of the brain and mind. Meaning in a basic way: How to use the brain and mind in a realistic way to understand and control some future events in life. How to understand how to control your attention to know and see what is to come and how to...
The extreme violent nature of the Poltergeist movie along with the heightened story-line and the unexplained paranormal activity that engulfed the characters and film crew's lives during the time of filming gave way to truth being stranger than fiction. Supernatural phenomena began to...
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