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Situated in the East part of Europe, Bulgaria is a little country with rich culture and exotic cuisine. This time we’ll introduce you to one of the most popular Bulgarian dishes – the amazing Banitsa. It’s the most preferred breakfast but it’s often eaten for lunch and dinner,...
This is a simple soup recipe you can prepare in minutes.
Both of these recipes are very similar (basically ground meat formed into ovals with slivered almonds inserted partially at a 75 degree angle and baked) but the tastes are different due to what is (and isn't) in the meat mixture. These appetizers are a great way to get children to hel...
Try this Baby Romaine with mixed fruit salad fir a refreshing, cool and crunchy salad as your meal starter, dessert, light snack or midnight snack.
This is a breakfast that can be pre-made and frozen and the microwaved for an all-in-one breakfast on the go or that the children can reheat a nutritious breakfast for themselves. It uses easy to obtain and pre-prepared items for easy assembly.
Great to serve as a finger food during cocktail parties or as a starter during dinner parties. Shrimp skewered and coated with sesame seeds batter that is deep fried to its perfection.
If you liked salads such as green, potato and chicken, then you may find Ceasar salad appetizing. From its adjective name “Caesar” which means cutting, the salad consists of cut romaine lettuce leaves into square shaped pieces is best served fresh and eaten as a starter. Here is a...
A perfect Eggless Pancake for breakfast on lazy Sundays. Nutritious, healthy, low in sugar, no butter with lots of fresh milk. Suitable for vegetarians and non-vegetarians too. Goes well with honey toppings
Definitely my favourite potato recipe. If you try this you won't be disappointed!!!!
This article will guide you to make mayo asparagus salad by yourself
This recipe creates a smooth creamy spread that makes a fantastic starter, snack or even a side dish for a dinner party. This is a great spread! Even veggie haters love this, and I'm always asked for the recipe whenever I make it.
Many people think that "Salmorejo" is the same as "Gazpacho". Yet, there're quite few differences in between the two cold soups to cool down in Summer, but both of them are nutritious, hydratating and suitable for weight watchers.
Every child that has grown up around the deep south of Alabama know, one of the best roadside or flea market snack foods has to be, boiled peanuts. Why not make them at home. Very few ingredients and a very easy recipe to make.
This is a great recipe to use as an appetizer, with a meal, on a salad or in a taco. It tastes great and is easy to prepare.
A hollowed-out cabbage makes a bright serving dish for this tangy spinach dip.
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