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A Piano is a wonderful investment. Not only can a piano provide beautiful music for years to come but it also becomes a part of the family. Pianos are commonly centerpieces at parties, gathering places for curious children and heirlooms passed from one generation to the next.
Musical instruments are cherished by their musicians and their audiences, however such often expensive equipment can be especially susceptible to premature wear and tear and damage.
If one wants to make a career in music, then the first step would be to get some kind of formal education in the field of music.
Why music is important doesn’t even sound like a question! To me, music is as basic as breathing, and as necessary as drinking water.
If you place your fingers on 4 adjacent frets, and you play every note only once, then you have 24 possible finger combinations.
Research and practical experience show that playing the piano is possible at any age. Learn some interesting facts about musical training in this article.
I was wondering how I would round off these how to play the saxophone articles because I have pretty much covered it all. So I thought I would finish off with a story of how it was for me playing in front of a packed audience of all the best musicians from a 100 miles around in a jaz...
This is the fifth part in my saxophone series on how to play the saxophone. This one covers gaining excellence with a few tips thrown in.
this is about finding somewhere to practice the saxophone that doesn't bother anyone.
Here is the third in the how to play the saxophone series. Practice tips and going out busking.
This is number three in my tips for saxophone series. How to buy a used saxophone.
This is the first part in a series on how to play the saxophone from complete beginner, up to playing in a band.
Are you considering buying a ukulele now? Wait! Stop for a few seconds, and read my article. You may avoid the mistake I have made in choosing ukulele.
Here are some various musical instruments information for students and music enthusiasts. Learning one of these instruments is a truly fun skill which can be shared to others.
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